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Early reviews say “To Kill A Rat will be a best seller.”

To Kill A Rat is packed with evidence why Glycoscience is the answer to our medical disaster.

The FDA requires millions of animals die to develop new drugs. The FDA uses an antiquated LD50 criteria for drug approval. The LD50 standard was established to measure just how harmful is any medicine. Lethal Dose 50 requires that all new drugs must kill 50 percent of the subjects in animal studies. Any medicine that cannot establish a LD50 level is ruled out from any consideration for FDA approval. This single procedure eliminates toxin free cures from ever reaching the market.

You want your doctor to “Do no harm!” but the medical battle cry of yesteryear was lost to toxic drugs.  It is time that is changed. Change is coming and To Kill A Rat explains exactly how the FDA needs to be restructured. A new bill will soon be submitted to Congress and our President intends to sign it. That Bill and the DSHEA Law with suggested amendment are in the book.

Our medical system, designed to mask symptoms, built the road on which we travel today. The ever new toxic miracle wonder drug enabled the doctor and patient to kick the can down the road of sickness. Because of resistant bacteria and viruses that cannot be killed, we are out of both can and road.

During the last century, the focus has been on problems instead of solutions. The medical industry addresses the immediate symptom instead of finding a cure. The drug establishment knows that the more critical and widespread the problem, the greater the opportunity for profit. The focus remains on sickness instead of wellness.

“We need to tear down the barriers blocking a new era of medical innovation, and the primary inhibitor is the government itself. It’s past time to unleash a supply-side medical revolution, so that instead of simply caring for people with debilitating diseases, we cure them ... and embrace a culture of innovation.” - Senator Ted Cruz

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You can deliver the book To Kill A Rat into the hands of every Senator and Congressman in Washington!

The book with the Plan, the Bill, and the current Law that will restructure the FDA to SAVE lives and Trillions of dollars.

To Kill A Rat covers several important aspects of the FDA that exposes an antiquated approach for finding cures:

1) How current law limits the FDA to using only the LD50 Mandate to receive approval. This prevents toxin free cures from ever reaching the patient.

2) How DSHEA (Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994) was enacted by Congress but never funded.

3) The plan to restructure the FDA by funding DSHEA and making the DSHEA and the Office of Dietary Supplements independent from the FDA.

4) The Senate Bill (S. 2388) that has been introduced in Congress to amend the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act.

You can deliver the book To Kill A Rat into the hands of every Senator and Congressman in Washington. This important message must be taken to Washington and you can help make it happen NOW.

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